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Job Opening Information Sub Food Service Helper

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Position Title
Sub Food Service Helper
Required Application Type
School Related Personnel
Salary/Pay Scale
$13.20 per hour
Job Description

D STINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: The work involves responsibility
for the preparation and service of food and the cleaning of kitchen equipment. An
incumbent of this class may also act as lunchroom cashier. Direct supervision is
received from a Cook. Does related work as required.
Assists in or prepares simple foods such as desserts and salads at the request of
Cook; Assembles and breaks down hot and cold food packing lines; May assist in portioning and packing prepared food as scheduled; Sets tables for meals and cleans them after meals; Heats and serves food to students and employees; Cleans refrigerators, coolers, dishwashers and other kitchen equipment; Cleans work area; Washes dishes, pots and pans by hand or uses the dishwasher; May receive stock items and put them in proper place when necessary; May act as lunchroom cashier.
FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWlEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: Working knowledge of proper food service and care of tableware, glassware, silverware and kitchen appliances; Working knowledge of modern cleaning methods and the use of cleaning supplies and
appliances; Working knowledge of basic arithmetic; Ability to follow simple oral and written directions; Ability to get along well with others; Ability to accurately handle money; Patience; Tact; Reliability; Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


Civil Service Title
Same as job title
Job Qualifications

must meet Yates County Civil Service requirements

These are non competitive positions.  There is no exam for these positions.

Applicants must be a legal resident of Yates County or one of the contiguous counties (Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca or Steuben) at least one month prior to application.  

Application Procedure

Must complete Yates County Civil Service Application. Click on the link below to access the application.


Effective 9/25/2017, Proof of Education is required at the time of application.   Each Exam or Position lists the Minimum Requirements necessary for your application to be approved.  If the Minimum Requirements include the following, you must include the proof listed.

If the Minimum Requirements for the Exam or Position require:

High School Education or GED – Please provide a Diploma, Transcript or Certificate at the time of application.

Associates, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree or minimum Credit Hours – Please provide College Transcript at the time of application.

Provide this with each application.  Our office will not copy pages of proof for you from prior applications or provide copies for you to attach to multiple applications; it is your responsibility to provide proof with each application.  Your application will not be accepted for review without the included proof of education.  Please keep Final Submission Dates in mind when applying, to give yourself time to accumulate necessary proof of education, so you don’t miss the final submission date.

Mail or drop off application to

Yates County Personnel
417 Liberty Street Suite 1007
Penn Yan, NY  14527

Job Category
Job Location
District Wide

You cannot apply for this position online. Please see instructions included in the job posting.

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